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The project objective is starting up a Local Pilot Observatory for development of policy and governance actions to support innovative solutions for recovery and energy valorization of process effluents in Energy Intensive Industries (E.I.I.) in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

H-REII project arises from the consideration that several industrial processes waste heat with energy not properly valued, always placed in energy intensive context. By recovering this “waste”, with available technologies, it is possible to contribute to CO2 reduction from industrial processes, facilitating development of post 2012 implementation programme with a view on further reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions up to 2002. For this matter H-REII project agree with the “climate change” LIFE+ principal objective.


The main H-REII objective is to elaborate a demonstrative pilot model on the local area of Brescia, as a sample for the National and European situation, widely applicable in elsewhere similar districts, to reduce CO2 production from industrial processes.

The mapping of Energy Intensive processes and the survey of main parameters and quantification of wastewater for energy valorization are the starting activities to get a knowledge of the territory “capability” and to draw specific baselines.

The Local Pilot Observatory uses the pilot territory mapping to develop and to demonstrate the innovative policies actions to reduce CO2 emissions (for example Action Plan for Energy –Regione Lombardia, National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, ...) integrated with incentive policies (for example Local Financial Agreement, Operative Programmes, ...).

It is worth to point out that direct and measured references to wastewater potentiality CO2 reduction using heat recovery on Energy Intensive Industries (E.I.I) (iron and steel industries, cement factories, aluminium and non-ferrous metal processes, heat treatment, glass industries, chemical industries, ...) are not present in the policy and governance national programs.