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The Observatory objective is to organize and start a technical-scientific-legislative committee operating in energetic efficiency field, specifically focus on waste heat recovery to produce electric energy and reduce CO2 emissions in energy intensive industries. The documents redacted by the Observatory are available in this page.

Abstract from H-REII DEMO Final Report

An abstract of the H-REII DEMO Final Report - showing the project's objectives, actions carried out and results achieved - is now available for download

Abstract from H-REII DEMO Final Report.pdf [PDF - 424 KB]

Performance analysis

The aim of this document is the description of the methodology applied in data collection and performance analysis of the heat recovery system in the EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) at ESF, Feralpi group plant in Riesa, Germany

D5 performance analysis.pdf [PDF - 1828 KB]

Test on site Report

On December, the 18th 2013, the first heat recovery system to power with ORC technology recovering Electric Arc Furnace exhausts started up. This document reports the analysis of the first operating hours of the plant.

D4 Test on site report.pdf [PDF - 180 KB]

UPDATE Regulatory Framework

Regulatory framework on policy to support electricity generation from waste heat recovery

D6.pdf [PDF - 2245 KB]

Best Available Technologies & Best Available technics Reference Documents in Energy Intensive Industries

D8.pdf [PDF - 1020 KB]

Contribute to the National Energy Action Plan

D07b.pdf [PDF - 2895 KB]

Contribute to the National Energy Action Plan

D07b.pdf [PDF - 2895 KB]

Contribute to the EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan

D07a.pdf [PDF - 1331 KB]

ORC Waste Heat Recovery Potential in European Energy Intensive Industries

EU Paper: ORC Waste Heat Recovery Potential in European Energy Intensive Industries.

Annex 4.2.II EU paper def.pdf [PDF - 965 KB]

Addendum Proposal for the emerging techniques section of copper and ferro-alloys

Addendum Proposal for Emerging Techniques Section of Copper and Ferro-alloys.pdf [PDF - 279 KB]

Waste heat recovery to power in non-ferrous metal industries

BREF_WHR non-ferrous metal industries.pdf [PDF - 703 KB]

ORC Waste Heat Recovery for a more Competitive and Sustainable Steel Industry

A policy paper for the implementation of the EU steel action plan

Annex4 2-IIIPaper-Steel.pdf [PDF - 719 KB]


Regulatory framework on policy to support electricity generation from waste heat recovery

D6 Regulatory framework.pdf [PDF - 909 KB]

HREII DEMO in the press (ITA)

Newspaper and specialized press: everybody talks about the HREII DEMO project.

HREII DEMO_articoli.pdf [PDF - 6711 KB]

Energy Efficiency Watch

Improving and Implementing National Energy Efficiency Strategies in the EU Framework (IEE project)

201306_EEWII.pdf [PDF - 2742 KB]

Layman report HREII

A summary of the results and activities of the H-REII project, Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries


HREII dissemination

an overview of articles about the HREII project

HREII articles.pdf [PDF - 45 KB]

HREII result: White Certificates_DM 28 dicembre 2012

the Ministerial Decree of 28 December 2012 amends the legal framework

2012 12 29 DM Certificatibianchi.pdf [PDF - 172 KB]

HREII final workshop

final conference, discussing the heat recovery topic with institutions and industrial world.

D14 final w..pdf [PDF - 2527 KB]

CO2 emissions reduction

Definition of policies and instruments for CO2 reduction recovering heat

D08 EU CO2 reduction_ENG.pdf [PDF - 1478 KB]

Authorization model

Authorization model to install a heat recovery system

D10 Draft license bills.pdf [PDF - 693 KB]

PAEE Italy

HREII result: heat recovery is included in the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency 2011

Annex 4.c.I Sintesi PAEE.pdf [PDF - 333 KB]

HREII in Austria

Synthesis of the results obtained in Austria

Annex 3.abd.I Austrian preliminary analysis.pdf [PDF - 180 KB]

HREII result: White Certificates

The heat recovery is one of the measures to incentive through the Energy Efficiency Titles (Delibera AEEG, EEN 9/11)

Annex 4.e.IV AEEG delibera EEN 9_11.pdf [PDF - 86 KB]

HREII and Energy Strategy

The HREII project is presented in the energy efficiency report of Energy Strategy - Politecnico di Milano (abstract)

boxHREII_def.pdf [PDF - 123 KB]

HREII paper for ECEEE

The HREII project has presented a paper at the ECEEE summer study 2012 http://www.eceee.org/industry/

2012 ECEEE.pdf [PDF - 1787 KB]

Compatibility coefficient

The compatibility coefficient has been inserted in the Energy Intensive Industries List (EII List) as a qualitative indication to define a priority between the different sectors identified as interesting for heat recovery applications.

Annex 2.b.II compatibility coefficient description.pdf [PDF - 1103 KB]

HREII general lesson

The HREII project: background, objectives, results and lesson.

Annex 3.c.IV general lesson.pdf [PDF - 790 KB]

PAER guideline, Lombardia region.

HREII result:Guidelines for the definition of the new Regional Energy and Environment Program (PEAR)

Annex 4.b.I Lombardia PEAR.pdf [PDF - 594 KB]

Confindustria paper

It’s an abstract of the Confindustria proposal about the Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan 2010 (ITA).

annex 4.e.II Task Force Confindustria abstract.pdf [PDF - 133 KB]

Audit model

Document of data collection for the evaluation of heat recovery in industrial processes

D03 validate audit models.pdf [PDF - 101 KB]

ADEME report

ADEME - Environment and Energy Management Agency of France - prapered an interesting report on policy supporting heat recovery.

Annex 4.a.IV ADEME.pdf [PDF - 1518 KB]

HREII guide 2012

regulatory framework

Annex 4.a.III HREII project guide line 2012.pdf [PDF - 1030 KB]

HREII guide 2011

regulatory framework

Annex 4.a.II HREII project guide line 2011.pdf [PDF - 1356 KB]

Paper to integrate Energy Efficiency BAT

Review proposal of the BAT (Best Available Techniques) Reference Document (BREF) entitled ‘Energy Efficiency’

D11c BAT&BREF EE.pdf [PDF - 1914 KB]

Paper to integrate Cement BAT

Review proposal of the BAT (Best Available Techniques) Reference Document (BREF) entitled ‘Cement, Lime and Magnesium Oxide Manufacturing Industries’

D11b BAT&BREF Cement.pdf [PDF - 750 KB]

Heat recovery and electric energy production trough ORC technology

Description of the ORC technology and its application for heat recovery

ORC based heat recovery system_ENG.pdf [PDF - 202 KB]

Executive Summary

Executive summary of the preliminary report about the potential to heat recover from industrial effluents for electric valorisation by ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) at National level.

Executive Summary-Report preliminare LIFE_maggio2010_ENG.pdf [PDF - 343 KB]

Preliminary diagram of potentiality

Diagram for a preliminary estimation of the potential of ORC based heat recovery system

Diagram potentiality_ENG.pdf [PDF - 158 KB]

Energy Intensive Industry list per sector

List of the individuated energy intensive industry (based on the Ateco code) with a description of the industrial process for every sector

ANNEX 1 - EII list per Sectors_ENG.pdf [PDF - 722 KB]

Project summary

Extract from the LIFE website

HREII_Project_summary.pdf [PDF - 45 KB]